Stories of Grace

God’s grace is truly amazing.
GOD’S GRACE conquered sin and death at the cross.
GOD’S GRACE frees His children to lead an abundant life of faith, hope, and love.
GOD’S GRACE comforts and convicts, redeems and restores, grows and guides, teaches and transforms.
These videos are testimonies of God’s grace at work in the lives of our church family…
…real-life stories of grace.

1: Micah Algard

Micah loves teaching kids about Jesus and making Sunday school crazy fun! He shares his thoughts about sitting on the sidelines in church versus stepping onto the field in faith.

2: Denise Scott

Denise has been teaching Sunday school for over fifteen years. Her favorite part? Watching the kids grow up.

3: Gabriel Svob

By God’s grace, Gabe overcame his insecurities and discovered the joy of servant-leadership in youth ministry. His favorite experience is when the kids finally “get it” — that “Jesus is the Way and the Truth and the Life, and not just for salvation, but for living a life of passionate worship for Him.”

4: Skip Algard

Skip plays guitar and sings for children’s worship at CCLS. The catch? He’s only able to play when using his gift to worship God!

5: Kathy Peterson
Serving the church family through food is a blessing to everyone involved. Kathy sees the meals before Wednesday night gatherings as an opportunity to get to know one another and pray for each other. Here she shares the joy, humility, and love she has learned through serving in the church kitchen.

6: Coffee Gals

Shannon, Javon, and Tori share their passion working at Holy Grounds Cafe: it’s all about being genuine and loving people where they’re at. It’s a good time barista-ing for Jesus! Who isn’t blessed by a smile, a laugh, and a delicious steaming hot 16-ounce dirty chai with a generous pump of hazelnut?

7: Don Bucher

“I’m a miracle. My whole life is a miracle.” Don is a husband, father, elder, and passionate worshipper of Christ with a powerful testimony of God’s saving grace.

8: Julie Reed

Fear, anxiety, and busyness continually tempt us to put God on the back burner. Any relationship suffers when you put it on the back burner–how much more our relationship with God! Julie shares her testimony learning to keep God in the place of highest importance in her life, and learning to trust Him with her fears and insecurities, step out in faith, and get connected to the church family.

9: Debbie Arnold
As a preschool teacher at Kids Korner, Debbie has learned that kids have a lot to teach us. One of the best thing’s they’ve taught her is the beauty and simplicity of childlike faith.

10: Chris McAuliffe

From a lame and aimless wanderer to a passionate and focused worshipper, Chris has experienced the grace of God in abundance and has discovered the mind-blowing joy at the heart of the Christian walk. His secret? Simply responding to God’s amazing grace.

CCLS Highlight: Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS)

CCLS Highlight: The Howlands
Brandon, Andrea, Levi, and Noelle share their experiences as Andrea spent 70 days in the hospital pregnant with twins. Now that Solomon and Coralie have arrived, they want to take a moment to reflect on the past few months and thank everyone who had a hand in walking with them through this trial.

11: Andrew Algard
Andrew has served on the CCLS worship team for years. Now he’s off teaching English in China for six months. In between these milestones: disillusionment, stolen cars, lost jobs, and a lot of grace and growth. This is his story.

12: Ben Jurkovich

We will miss Ben’s heart for ministry and his passion for worship here at CCLS, but we couldn’t be happier knowing he’s following the Lord wherever He leads. Have fun in Joplin, Ben!

13: Christa Hoyden
Growing up in a family of twelve has taught Christa to put others before herself in a big way. She’s also developed a deep love for teaching kids about Jesus in Sunday school. Check out her story here.

14: Kelley Taylor

Pastor Kelley shares his history as a student and teacher of God’s Word–a history that is also that of Calvary Chapel Lake Stevens.

15: Alison Ahrens
Alison’s testimony radiates the power of God: power to deliver, power to set free, power to restore. God does not shy away from the darkness in our lives. He is in control, and He has a plan, and He is able to bring that plan to completion. Be encouraged by this story of God’s enduring faithfulness.

16: Mike McAuliffe
Jesus doesn’t stop at giving us life after death. He enters into our broken and chaotic existence and breaks addictions, brings healing and redemption, and builds us up to turn around and spread the good news of His love and power to those who are still in bondage. This is Mike’s story.

17: Rebekah Thompson

God has plans for each and every one of us–plans for good and not for evil, to give us a hope and a future. Through the pain and suffering, through the sin and struggle, through love and loss, through death and despair, God is with us, and He’ll never let us go. All we have to do is trust Him. This is Rebekah’s story.

CCLS Highlight: The Heart of an Elder
In this short interview we meet our CCLS elders and ask them one question: What is the heart of an elder? // 1 Peter 5:1-4

18: Randy and Connie McDonald
The message of the gospel isn’t that we must get ourselves clean before coming to Jesus. The message of the gospel isn’t that we must become good enough for God to accept us into His family. The message of the gospel is the story of God reaching into our sin, into our mess, into our pain, our pride, our addiction, our darkness, and pulling us out of it all, not because of anything we did, but because of what Jesus did for us on the cross. It’s the glorious story of people getting what they don’t deserve. This is Randy and Connie’s story of grace.

Missionary Highlight: The Dentes
Meet Mike and Becky Dente, Calvary Chapel missionaries based in Paris.

19: Javon Brown
God is our Father, our Healer, and our Great Physician. Even through our sickness and hardships, He is constantly holding on to us, His children. When we put our faith in Him, He will bring us joy in our sadness, strength in our weakness, and life in our fallen state. This is Javon’s story.

20: Shannon Tulloch
As Christians, we can sometimes feel like we have to be perfect, or at least to appear perfect. People have to think we have it all together. So we cover our wounds and hide our struggles–but sooner or later the truth comes out. And when it does, we finally experience God’s amazing grace, His unconditional love, and His power to redeem us in the midst of our faults and weaknesses. Acknowledging our struggles to God and those around us is hard, but the life we find on the other side is worth it. This is Shannon’s story.

Childlike Faith – 1: James Clark on Worship
James shares the joy he feels singing songs to the Lord.

Missionary Highlight: The Raneys
Matt and Kymm share the history, heart, and practical strategy of Adventure Soccer, a missionary outreach in Swaziland.

21: Matt & Kymm Raney
From sin, abuse, fear, and shame, to freedom, restoration, faith, and joy, Matt and Kymm share the story of God’s redemptive power and relentless love in their lives. As Matt says, “This isn’t a story about us. This is a story about His faithfulness.”

22: Nic Svob
As long as we’re looking to anything other than God to be our our fulfillment and our joy, the pursuit of happiness will never satisfy. Nic shares about God delivering him out of depression and helping him find his joy in Jesus.

23: Ploy Supadit

Raised in a Buddhist family in Thailand, Ploy encountered the gospel as a teenager and found what had always been missing in her experience with religion: a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

24: Jayson Sayre

Whoever you are, whatever your skill set, there’s a place for you to plug in and serve in the body of the Church. Jayson shares his reflections on worship and service in the life of a believer.

25: Keith Reed

Keith shares his unique calling as a street evangelist. His motivation is gratitude, and a desire to help people experience the radical grace and redemption that God brought into his own life many years ago. “Sharing the gospel with people is a worshipful event…My goal is to lead people to Jesus.”

26: Matt & Candace Heist

Sometimes we go through trials in life that cause us to wonder, Where is God in all this? Why is He letting me go through this? How can this possibly be a part of His plan? God is gracious to meet us in the flood, to remind us of His presence, and to show His power and heart to guide and protect us, even to turn our pain and loss into something life-giving and glorious. This is Matt and Candace’s story.

27: Jordan Houle

In the middle of trials we can often wonder, “Why is this happening? Where is God in all this?” But God is right there beside us, and He’s working all things out for the good of those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose. This is Jordan’s story.

28: Michelle Haggard
When Michelle was hospitalized with an aneurysm, everything in her life changed. In losing control she discovered that Jesus had been the one holding things together all along, and she learned one of the most important lessons in the Christian life: that we truly find our life when we lose it.

29: Annabelle Sayre

Annabelle shares her “grace moment” from boot camp, where she discovered the truth that God is faithful through our failures and that we are free to make mistakes in this life, provided we keep looking to Jesus and moving forward in Him.

Mission Update: Dan & Christine Bushy

The Bushys have been active in South Asia for over three decades. They’ve recently returned to the States to continue training up and encouraging church planters, ministers, and missionaries both locally and abroad. Here’s a brief glimpse of their story.

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